beautiful and happy用什么短语替换更加地优雅一些?我在想beautiful太俗,用grace替换不错,那么happy呢?

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beautiful and happy用什么短语替换更加地优雅一些?我在想beautiful太俗,用grace替换不错,那么happy呢?
beautiful and happy用什么短语替换更加地优雅一些?

beautiful and happy用什么短语替换更加地优雅一些?我在想beautiful太俗,用grace替换不错,那么happy呢?
pretty and glad
brilliant and pleased


beautiful美丽 graceful优雅 brilliant精彩,惊艳 fantastic 极好
happy开心 joyful开心


beautiful and happy用什么短语替换更加地优雅一些?我在想beautiful太俗,用grace替换不错,那么happy呢? May you be happy and beautiful all your life long! Lovely, beautiful, happy and happy, come on! 是什么意思!谁能给我解释下万分感谢! Happy birthday! Small beautiful I hope you are more and more beautiful and happy everyday是什么意思 happy birthday to you~wish you more and more beautiful这个句子有问题吗? The beautiful glossy ganoderma girl, wish you healthy and happy! Oh, yes, also wish your sister! I wish you can happy forever and have beautiful love!不懂啊 选词填空 In the happy town there lived a little,beautiful and smart girl 为什么要用more and more beautiful而不用more beautiful and more beautiful? happy life,good man,beautiful -- A beautiful wish to you and your family --- live a happy life and I hope everything goes well! herland,your development,and make my life more happy and make our home more beautiful,I sincerely wish you:Happy Birthday!求翻译啊? I'm so happy that the Christmas with beautiful snowflake,and you will come to see me!I'm so happy that the Christmas with beautiful snowflake,and you will come to see me!翻译 WISH YOUR BABY WILL BE AS BEAUTIFUL AS YOU AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!谁知道这句怎么翻译..中文是什么 把下列单词按查字典的顺序排列,写在横线上.between welcome and beautiful happy present bug leave relax stand for them ,happy life is in the town,with its cinemas ,beautiful shops and busy s_____.怎么填 they made the house __with balloons and colored paper.A.happy C.dark D.beautiful